Tips to completing a challenge

Whether you are thinking of entering a Striving To challenge or you have already signed up – here are a few tips to get you started and help you reach the distance and achieve your goal !

      1. Decide how you want to achieve your monthly miles
        Is your goal to walk the entire distance or would you rather do a combination of walking and running ? Do you plan to be active on a daily basis or three times a week ? Be clear on what you are aiming for and write it down.  At Striving To, we like to do a mixture of walking and running and spread it over four to five sessions a week.
        Takeaway: How will you cover the miles? How many times a week do you plan to be active?

      2. Choose your distance
        If you are unsure, we would recommend starting off with 25 miles, you can always build up to further distances.  When we choose our distance, our goal is to enjoy being active, not to dread it or to have it ‘hanging over our heads’.  We all know that feeling right?  We are realistic in what we think we can achieve that month and are happy to be getting out and using our legs, it doesn’t have to be the longest run or the quickest pace – a brisk walk at lunchtime, is better than doing nothing because "we just didn’t have time for six miles"
        Takeaway: Be realistic.  Don't add more pressure to an already hectic schedule, choose a distance that you can make time for and you are far more likely to achieve it and enjoy it.

      3. Divide your distance into smaller milestones
        If you signed up to 25 miles, you might decide to walk one mile a day with a rest day on Sundays.  It suddenly seems much more achievable, right ?
        We signed up to 50 miles in August and our milestones were to complete 12.5 miles a week.  With 3 of those miles at our local Parkrun each Saturday.  (Parkrun is a free weekly event, open to everyone, they have a fantastic community spirit and you can walk or run.  We highly recommend taking part).
        Takeaway: Divide your monthly distance into smaller milestones. i.e. divide by four – this is your weekly mileage goal.

      4. Plan it, write it, do it!
        Plan your miles each week and write them down. If you plan it and write it down, you are more likely to make it happen. Plus, you get the added bonus of ticking your session off once it is done. We like to plan our sessions for the week on a Sunday evening, write them down and stick it somewhere we can see it - fridge, desk or even next to the kettle (our first port of call in the mornings).

        Statistically and we quote - “You are 42 % more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down”

    There you have it, by breaking the overall distance into milestones and putting a plan in place, what once seemed impossible is now within reach. Organise your week, plan your miles and stay focused.  Give it a try and let us know how you get on.