Anytime challenge - 10 km Tired legs, strong heart

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10 km - Tired legs, strong heart

Enter our Tired legs, strong heart virtual event and challenge yourself to walk, run or cycle 10 km – you can complete it in one go or break it into smaller distances such as 1 km a day.  You can also complete the challenge in steps – based on an average person’s stride approximately 12,000 steps would be 10 km.  What are you waiting for ?  Enter now and start clocking up those miles! 

For every challenge purchased we donate £2.00 of the entry fee to Tiny Tickers, a charity which aims to improve the detection, care and treatment of babies with serious heart conditions.

*Please note these medals are not part of our eco-friendly selection*

Nominated Charity: Tiny Tickers

Find out more from their website: Tiny Tickers