1: Sign up to a challenge - Our challenges take place from the 1st of the month through to the last day of the month, giving you a month to complete your chosen distance.

2: You choose the pace - Walk, run or cycle - you decide. As long as you complete the entire distance by the last day of the month.

3: Complete the distance in one go or do it in sections - Try doing it one mile at a time, for example.

4: Track your distance - There are many ways to do this either through a free app such as Strava, Map My Walk, Map My Fitness, Nike+ & Running app, Fitbit app (no Fitbit required) or through a GPS watch such as a Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, Polar, Suunto or through a Smart watch. Alternatively, you can create a written log and at the end of the month email us the miles you have completed. Whatever is easiest for you.

5: Submit your evidence - As soon as you have completed the entire distance, submit your evidence here*.  You can upload a screenshot of your overall miles for the month from your tracking app or email us photos of your watch / gym equipment or your written log to info@strivingto.co.uk. It’s that easy !

6: Be rewarded - Feel proud and receive your Striving To medal through the post !

*Be sure to submit your evidence by the 5th of the following month.