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You have chosen 75 miles !

You have the entire month to complete the distance - at a time, location and pace that suits you, in accordance with the current government guidelines. 

In order to be more eco-friendly, the material of our medals are recycled premium acrylic which is made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastics that have reached the end of their life-cycle and are destined for landfill or incineration.  These are produced and manufactured here in the UK. 

***Please be considerate when you are outside and ensure you keep a 2 metre distance (as per government guidelines) and allow room for others to pass.***

Evidence must be submitted by the 5th September 2020.  

Our August challenge is proudly supporting: 
Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity
£2.00 of each August entry will be donated to Rays of Sunshine.
Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity was formed in 2003 to brighten the lives of children who are living with serious or life-limiting illnesses, between the ages of 3-18, across the United Kingdom.  Every child deserves to experience happiness and put their illness on hold – even if it is just for one day. 
Find out more from their website here.

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